MW Driving

First Lesson £20.


Hello my name is Mervyn Wiles . I have lived in Biggin Hill for over 20 years and have taught hundreds of pupils to drive safely and pass their driving test. I am enthusiastic and patient and I care about my pupils success.

I know that for most people, learning to drive is a life changing opportunity. I hope to make the experience as enjoyable as possible and ensure that you pass your test 1st Time.

Thank you for visiting my site and if you are thinking about learning to drive a few tips to bear in mind...

  • Make sure your instructor is fully qualified....they should display a green badge in the windscreen.
  • Is the car in good condition and does it have dual controls
  • Check how long a lesson is and make sure it is one to one training. (should not be collecting or dropping off other pupils during your lesson time)

If you would like to start lessons with me or want to discuss matters further please get in touch (see Contact page).

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